So, what’s it about then?

Maybe you’re just curious? Who is this mysterious Mr Hat Thing?

I am.

How are you?

This is my blog. It’s somewhat experimental, and it’s mostly just a vehicle for me to write somewhat regularly. I like gaming, football (mostly focused on Arsenal), and various miscellaneous things in life. I also tend to have an opinion on these things (as many people do). This is merely the platform for me to give my two cents on what’s going on in the various spheres of interest I have.

This is largely my opinion, hopefully not just someone else’s regurgitated in an infuriatingly boring way. I see the world in a specific way, and I hope to facilitate discussion (rational, candid, calm, and cordial discussion) with those who may have differing views.

Like many people, I hate to be wrong. However, I like to think that I can be teachable, able to reason through things. We’ll have to see how that goes. Especially if anyone ever comments (this is the internet after all).

If you made it this far in the description, well done. Feel free to have a squizz at my writing (what there is of it) and even have your own say.