Hello, I’m Mr Hat Thing.

Yes, that’s a slight alias. My identity isn’t exactly secret, but so what? Online, I’m Mr Hat Thing. You can call me Hat, if you want.

This is my blog. Sure, it’s a rather 2000s thing to be doing, but hey. Not everyone is fond of Facebook, etc.

I’ve attempted to blog on the regular several times now. This is the 5th or 6th iteration of my WordPress blog, not even counting my Blogger profile from almost a decade ago.

So, here I am. I want to cover my interests, and share my opinion. I know this is a small corner of the internet, and I’m fine with that. Expression isn’t always about how many people observe the act of expressing.

Currently, my aim is to have at least one weekly post. Anything else is bonus, or peripheral. No hard and fast rules here. My blog is mercurial, like I am.

Topics will include, but not be limited to: gaming, Arsenal and football, reading and books, movies, shows, and entertainment in general. Maybe if it’s relevant I might tackle a more serious topic.

Please feel free to silently lurk and read my posts, comment if you want.