Hello, I’m Mr Hat Thing.

Welcome to my blog, where I discuss my multiple obsessions.

Here you will find posts about gaming, movies, books and reading, and football. You might find other topics too. We’ll see.

I might not post as regularly as other blogs, but I will try to at least not neglect this like the bonsai I briefly had when I was 12.

Please understand that this is my blog and will be heavily laced with my opinionIf at any point you find yourself offended by my opinion and need to tell me off please follow these steps:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Press Cntrl+W.
  3. Never return.

If, however, you ever feel you want to have a calm, rational discussion about anything I have said or touched on, or even gotten entirely wrong, please feel free to comment.

Please enjoy what there is of my blog. 🙂