Terrific Tuesday

This weekend ended on a great note, with Arsenal beating Chelsea in the Community Shield. I could go on at length about that, but today’s post is about something else.

Continuing the theme of happiness, today is a great gaming day! Both Hellblade and Lawbreakers released today. I’ve spent a small amount of time with both, and I’m extremely happy with what’s on offer here.

First, Lawbreakers. I played the open beta, and the game impressed me. The gameplay is extremely rewarding, the skill curve is demanding and challenging while not being inaccessible. And one of my favourite features is that it has a functional netcode.

Thanks to there being no African servers (I honestly don’t expect any, so don’t read any bitterness there), my ping sits at a jittery 200 on a good match and 300 on a bad one. Despite this, the game isn’t unplayable, and I find myself still able to keep up with what’s happening. Judging by my average KD and objective score, I don’t think my ping affects my opponents negatively either, so that’s another relief.

The gameplay is so satisfying, that I often don’t get too hot in the face when losing or being killed. The game has an air of pure fun about it, and that’s one of the biggest pros in its favour. I’ll be playing some more, and putting more in-depth thoughts down in a week or so.

Next, Hellblade. I’ve been looking forward to this game since I first saw the trailer during E3 2015. When I briefly delved into reviewing games, I viciously fought for the right to review it (haha, oh well). This and Horizon Zero Dawn are probably my two most anticipated PS4 exclusives of this generation, and they’re both out now.

I’ve also been following Ninja Theory’s Developer Diary for Hellblade almost religiously. It’s been amazing following the transformation of this game as it has taken shape, seeing the studio’s approach to making a “AAA game on an indie budget”.

I’ve played the intro, and I’ve not gotten far at all. I wanted to go to sleep and be rested for the playthrough, so that’s also going to take place over the next few days.

However, my first impressions are quite positive. The game is gorgeous, as advertised. It’s best played with headphones, the better to hear the voices in your head with. I spent about 15 minutes playing as soon as the game unlocked after midnight, and the glorious views on offer made me spend most of my time in the photomode. Of course, I’ll be savouring the game’s story as much as the vistas.

There’s a lot to look forward to, with two excellent offerings during an otherwise quiet August. I’ll have more tomorrow.


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