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As someone who has been paid to write and edit, I’ve got a startling admission to make: I haven’t finished a single book this year. I’ve started 5, and finished none of them. I’m in a weird reading mood. I occasionally have a pang of desire to read, but other things distract me instead.

I mean, it’s getting a bit desperate now. My Goodreads challenge this year to is to read 12 new books. I’m currently 6 behind schedule. Ugh.

I therefore commit to actually catching up and finishing my challenge by the end of the year, here in this public place. Well, public-ish.

What is it with so many things in this life taking us away from the activities we love? Sometimes twisting them, sometimes sapping the desire for them from our very core. I remember when 24 hours in a day was unfathomably long. Now even a single week feels like a blink.

So, what are the books I have yet to complete (and some of them start)? I have a heap just waiting for me, so I have no excuses. I’ll read these next, probably not in this order.

Skippy Dies, Paul Murray
American Gods, Neil Gaiman *
Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby
Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harai *
The Mixer, Michael Cox
Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman *
The Long War, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter *
Seven Sins, Karen Runge *

Those are just the books I actually own and have selected to read. Not including the ones I have on a wishlist, my shelf, or in a cupboard.

All the asterisks are the ones I’ve started, but since neglected. Neglecting a book is by far one of the worst guilt trips I can think of. There’s a part of my mind, somewhere at the back, that is utterly appalled and intellectually indignant that I would dare to abandon a book without finishing it. Yes, I know, Me; I ought to finish what I started. How dare I, a self-proclaimed lover of books, neglect to finish my reading. Shame on me, shame!

Hey, on the bright side, I might even pop a short review of each on here. Writing material to keep me engaged in this little project of mine.

Finally, if there is a random person who happens upon this blog, I wouldn’t turn down some book recommendations. Until next time.


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