Dee Two

The Destiny 2 beta is here, and people have flocked to play it. Those with the pre-order codes (and those who have good friends) have some “early access” (or does everyone else have late access?). The PS4 closed beta started yesterday, 18 July, and the Xbox One one (heh), starts today some time.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to any reports, but my experience was smooth sailing in terms of server connections and latency.

I had the opportunity to play the opening mission, the beta strike, and some PvP. My initial thoughts are far more “meh” than “wow”. I’ll play a bit more of the beta, but it might take some convincing to actually buy this game on launch at this stage. I didn’t hate the first Destiny. I just arrived late. I don’t have a particular love for the game either. More of the same doesn’t appeal to me, and so far this is just past familiar and just short of identical. Some new sub-classes, new icons in the menus, and some more cinematics don’t have me convinced just yet.

All that said, I’m willing to sit on it some more. Yet, with the packed gaming schedule, I’m probably going to prioritise other titles.

More tomorrow (probably).


Retort here:

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