PS Plus July 2017

It’s a bit quiet on the news front. It’s post Crash release hype that’s winding down in the form of opinion pieces and reviews, some talk about other games, a bit of hype for Lawbreakers, and other waffle. Nothing groundbreaking. Today is also the day PSN refreshes and we get this month’s PS Plus titles.

The “free” monthly games have certainly had their share of controversy among gamers. In fact, I mostly hear whining and complaining about it. If it’s not that we’re not getting AAA releases, it’s because we already have the AAA games offered this month. It gets old fast, all this nagativity from gamers. No, that’s not a typo.

I’ve found lately, and maybe this is because I frequent Reddit more often, that gamers are both considerably negative, and extremely whiny about their views. Opinion is fine, but this sense of entitlement is just too close to what the “real world” is full of for my tastes. Gimme gimme gimme. Me me me. (Me monsters.) However, I came here to talk about this month’s PS Plus free games, not contribute my own nagging to the gamer nagativity (it’s an epidemic).

Last month’s lineup was excellent, including Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange. While I couldn’t give a rusty fig about Square Enix’s high school drama adventure, I see its inclusion on the list as a major positive. Killing Floor 2 is a fun, but maybe a bit simple, co-op shooter I spent a few enjoyable hours on. It’s about the stature and quality of the games included.

This month, we’re getting more bang for our buck! Until DawnGame of Thrones a Telltale Series, and That’s You all feature in what is probably one of PS Plus’s better months. Now, I’m not one of those who will say that PlayStation Plus is about the free games, those are bonus as part of a subscription to an online service. That said, I am impressed when they make the effort to include titles like these. You know, the kind to improve the perception of some that PS Plus games are stuffed with worthless indie titles and shovel-ware. I still have zero desire to play a Telltale game, I probably won’t play Until Dawn soon, and party games are a thing from the PS2 era for me, but the stature of these games shouldn’t be ignored, especially something like Until Dawn.

Still, I have seen complaints that people already have Until Dawn, so they should get a substitute game instead. I find that hilarious! The sense of entitlement is disgustingly un-ironic from the source, yet tragically ironic in reality. I could probably dedicate a whole rant-filled post to that. Thankfully, not today.

Yet, I think I can try see where some of these people are coming from. When PS Plus launched during the  PS3 days, it was built around this free game system. A lot of people still think about it as such. A subscription wasn’t required to play online multiplayer, and Plus was entirely optional. With the advent of the PS4, however, things changed. Sony made it that PS Plus was required to play online multiplayer. It transformed into a subscription that pays for the PlayStation online services, with a bonus set of “free” games every month. Clearly a lot of people haven’t made the mental transition yet, even four years after it was announced.

I’ll admit that there is still more to the argument, especially when you bring up the actual infrastructure of the online service and its quality and maintenance, but that’s branching into another aspect of the discussion. Subscription purpose vs rewards, for example.

And that’s it. Great PS Plus offerings this month. Since I’m not an Xbox man, but maybe I can have a look on that side and discuss their lineup at Games with Gold. Especially since the Plus argument is usually done in comparison to what they have over there. Until next time.


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