Mayday May Day

Today is a day of firsts.

It’s the first day of May. That’s both May Day and Worker’s Day.
Is it ironic that Worker’s Day is a holiday? Maybe it’s appropriate.

In another “first”, welcome to my “new” old blog. Hopefully I’ll have something consistently interesting to say.

Gaming, football, reading, writing, and entertainment; these things interest me, along with a smattering of other topics. So I’ll write about them.

For today only, let’s not speak of the unspeakable horrors of the North London Derby. It was awful.

In other news: the Prey demo is live, and I’ve spent about 20min with it. Not entirely sure what my impressions are on it just yet. Hopefully I’ll have fully-formed thoughts on it at a later stage. So far I’m caught between liking and disliking the visuals. There are only so many games various Bethesda studios can make in a certain visual style before I start questioning it. It’s not ugly, it’s just… not as well-polished as I was hoping. Dishonored had a visually distinct style that suited it, and it aged remarkably well. I’m not sure if Arkane were emulating something like that here, but I’ll digress. Visuals aren’t the be-all and end-all of games (but they are important).

The gameplay itself is smooth. Some quality of life choices might take some getting used to, though. Especially the choice to put the”quick menu” for equipment on one of the face buttons on PS4. Pressing Triangle to get to your radial menu just isn’t intuitive. The top shoulder buttons are occupied by the lean function, which could make some sense, but seems a bit uneconomical to me. There are better ways to apply a lean mechanic, unless it proves to be far more vital during the course of the game.

Despite those niggles, the story is somewhat intriguing. If you’ve been following the game’s promotion, you’ll already be familiar with the story. The intro level I’m playing doesn’t exactly reveal anything surprising. The story will provide a good context for your actions in this game, but it will be the gameplay that determines whether Prey is successful or not. Much like Dishonored 2, this looks to be built around your powers and the cool combos you can create with them. The devs have said: here’s some fun abilities, use them.

Well, if that’s not fully-formed thoughts, I guess I could go on at length about this game. Is it a day one purchase? Probably not for me. The only Bethesda-made day one purchase I could ever justify is any Wolfenstein game. Any. I’m willing to eat my words one day. (By the way, let’s keep an eye on E3 this year. I predict some Wolfenstein news.)

Let’s wrap the first post up there. I’ll have more tomorrow.